About Brad Cox

   In the revolving door of methods changing in the music industry, Brad Cox has seen and lived both sides of it. Seeing city after city, touring all over, and opening for some of the greatest acts in the greatest venues or playing in dives to only 6 people at the age of 16, this industry has opened many doors for him. And to Brad "It's just the Beginning".

   Brad has been fortunate to work with some of the biggest producers and writers in the industry. From the start he was able to work in some of the most prestigious in the New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta area, with producers Rick Beato (Need To Breath, Shinedown), Robert Carranza (Beck, Beastie Boys), Tim Giles (Agnostic Front, Taking Back Sunday), Lars Frederikson (Rancid) ect... These experiences gave him the chance to learn and sharpen his skills.

   Now, Brad is teamed up with legendary producer Mike Clink (Guns n Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith), whose work Brad has long admired, the future seems even brighter. Since working with Mike, Brad has worked with writers such as Andreas Carlsson (Katy Perry, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync), Billy Falcon (Bon Jovi, Faith Hill), Kendrick Dean (Chris Brown, Usher), Nick Lashley (David Archuleta, Alanis Morissette), Rose Falcon (Lady Antebellum, Faith Hill) and the list goes on.

   Brad, in the last 6 years has co-written and produced more than 25 records and still going strong with his only down time being when he is on the road. Also in that time, he has landed songs with ABC, FOX, DISNEY, MGM, MTV, VH1, CMT and many others, Some of his artists have received radio airplay across the world including KISS FM and Sirius/XM. Brad also has done music for several national ad campaigns.

   Where does Brad go from here? There is more to come on the horizon. Brad's goal is to continue to develop artists and help them build a career. It's now the writers and producers job to do artist development, so Brad is always excited to hear and find new talent and continue on his path working with established artists as well.